Dutiful data

The Plan

Datasets are composed by so many numbers, columns, rows, tabs... Boring!

We, the HackViz team, came up with Dutiful Data, a solution for making data beautiful, accessible and playful.

We browsed several available datasets and also pulled Wellington-related information from Twitter and we decided to create postcards out of this data.

Everyone loves postcards!

The Data 

  • Postcard images sourced from DigitalNZ.org.nz API geotagged in the Wellington region

  • Stamps sourced from DigitalNZ.org.nz API from the Te Papa Museum collection

  • OIA requests sourced from FYI.org.nz

The Result

In our Web App, hackviz.tech, you can find a randomly generated postcard combining the beauty of Open Government Data and our wonderful Wellington city!

Some follow-up questions..

If these postcards have made you interested in OIA, maybe ask:

    How many OIA aren’t answered?
    How long does each OIA take to answer?
    How expensive is each OIA to answer?
    What OIA reforms are needed to support democratic, open government?
    What else do you want to ask government about?

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