Emergency Service Application

Imagine a system wherein police are able to detect exactly where the next criminal will strike… today we introduce to you the Emergency Services Application.


We are using police and crime data to produce a heatmap which determines key areas wherein criminals are most likely to commit their crime next.  This allows civilians to plan routes, purchase housing, and invest in safer environments. This allows for a more transparent social system, wherein the average person is able to more easily navigate their world. Furthermore does this app allow the QLD to be safer, as the app can be used to notify emergency services through text, audio, and potentially video. The text feature also enables people in dangerous situations to discreetly message service personal, meaning they do not have to sacrifice personal security. The report tracks the users location and notifies emergency personal to their whereabouts. 


This application can also be used by the police force and potentially other emergency services. The Emergency Services App can only be used by these personal after they verify their occupation and service ID. Within this section of the app, the user is able to see the heat map of locations, see a  crime feed of towns and cities (Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, and The Sunshine Coast), and see the markers of  citizen distress reports. 

The Story So Far

Our team came up with this idea after experimenting with a couple crime/city related data sets. Firstly we aimed to prevent illegal breeding within the City of Goldcoast by creating an application that more easily allowed the purchasing and breeding of registered animal breeders. This could not work due to insufficient data (we needed some personal data). 

We then played around with the idea of creating an application for the homeless, wherein they would be able to find public amenities, easy housing, and low skilled jobs. However, we couldn't find data sets that allowed a wholesome application with this idea. 

We settled on creating an app using the idea of preventative crime stopping, wherein the state is able to use big data to prevent crime before it even happens. We applied this idea to the Emergency Services Application wherein a heatmap of all crimes visually displays the locations wherein crime is likely to occur. From there we added additonal functionalities that allowed civilians to report crimes, use the heatmap, and contact emergency personal at the tap of a button. We also added in the verifycation for servicemen to use their side of the app. On this side it more easily allows Police (and potentially other services) to do quick and easy paperwork about crimes and suspects. The app also allows the police force to see where patrols need to be stationed, as the heatmap will show the increased amounts of crime in certain areas. If police are in those areas before the crime happens, it is more likely that criminals will choose to stop, or they will be easily caught as patrolmen are in those locations. 

We hope this application will help keep QLD safe for everyone!

-The Cyber Police 

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