DataCAKE are aiming to make ongoing care, knowledge and prescription tracking in the hands of the consumer. Currently the process of obtaining medication is heavily reliant on complex paper trails with privacy and security issues as commonplace. If as a consumer I want to find out what I am taking and when I stopped something, I have to ask a health professional for a record. MyGov and MyHR has proven that people are ready to collect and assume ownership of their personal health information as well as control who sees what.

Our solution converts a paper based system into a secure electronic block-chain enabled process where separate patient records can live in one destination. This destination is accessible by new and existing professionals at the discretion of the patient who can control access from a companion application or plug in as prototyped in the video. 


Block-chain encryption technology means that data is transferred anonymously and protected for privacy purposes. Script updates and access updates have a rolling transactional record so that medications can be tracked but paper is no longer needed to authenticate a patient's medication appropriateness.


This is a data and process architecture to inform a system that can be seamlessly integrated into current practices as part of co-design with a qualified pharmacist.

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