Fine Me A Way

Problem Statement

How can we promote safe driving and educate people about the dangers and impacts of reckless driving?


Traffic offences are a recurring issue for the Government. Over one third of traffic infringements in the 2015/2016 financial year remain unpaid or appealed. This results in an increase of $471 per fine in administration costs, from just $43 per fine.


Our Solution

A set of mapping web app and services that allows you to find the ‘best’ route between two points and provide traffic offences and fines information based on historical data along the way.


Fines and offences data demonstrates that there is public safety concerns around reckless driving. Dangerous driving has a large impact on the safety of our communities along with imposing an unnecessary administrative burden to government.

As a thought experiment, we created a web based map app that can create alternative routes which minimises potential traffic offences and fines based on analysis of past offences and fines data and speed camera locations.

This information indicates the potential cost of fines and offences associated with driving in an unlawful manner and how the extra effort and time required to avoid speed cameras is just not worth it!


Solution Outcome

  • Promote safe driving.

  • Increase awareness of the danger, cost and impact of unlawful driving.

  • Demonstrate that driving dangerously and going out of your way to avoid speed cameras and fines is just not worth!


Dataset Used

  • Traffic camera offences and fines

  • Traffic speed camera locations


App Features

  • Map overlay of past traffic/speed camera locations and fine data.

  • Route finder/planner (like Google Map).

  • Currently limited to ACT due to data boundary but it is scalable to different dataset across all states and territories.

  • Extensibility of plugging in other wrangled data to influence how the navigation paths are determined.


Tech Detail

  • GraphHopper

  • OpenStreetMap

  • OpenLayers

  • Leftletjs

  • Github

  • Java, Python, javascript, C#, PowerShell


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Traffic camera offences and fines
Dataset Name
Traffic speed camera locations
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