Frontline Rescue

New Zealand is an amazing country, full of natural beauty and amazing people, but subject to more than it’s fair share of natural disasters.  Earthquakes, floods and landslides are part of every-day life. 

Emergency response teams face huge challenges with organisation, communication while out in the field, and with their own safety.

Frontline Rescue is the answer, providing a full technical solution that builds on modern technology and government open data. 

It uses property, land parcel and contaminant data, providing rescuers with the best information to get everyone home safely. 

We’ve also rolled in elements of the HERE API to show rescuers where to go. Navigational information sends them to their search quadrant. 

Frontline could use Google speech-to-text APIs to record all verbal communications for an ‘at a glance’ snapshot of the latest comms between teams and central command. The application is backed by a fully featured Command and Control application.

We chose to search and rescue, and health as it addresses a real world problem that data can help us solve. It is a prevalent issue in New Zealand, and anything that could help save lives is a great focus.

Frontline Rescue uses free domain, it helps us focus on saving lives and property.

Invision link for the HQ coordinate screens -

The application is for the Frontline rescuers who will mostly be on mobile.

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