Going Places

Going Places is a web based application that is designed to help you when you need it most. Because when you have got to go you've just got to go. If it's not already clear and haven't found yourself in this situation then count yourself lucky, we are talking about bathrooms. We've utilised the national public toilet map data found at data.gov to create an intuitive, easily accessible, Mobile designed, Bathroom finder.

The basic function of this project uses Google maps API to display a familiar map that uses a users gps location on their device to display all bathrooms in the area. Through use of our menu the user can quickly route to the nearest bathroom, or re-center the map in order to find their location. If a user is to select a bathrooms pin a dialog box appears showing key information including, Disability access, Opening hours, Gender\Unisex, baby change rooms, among other things

Future plans for this project would be to include the ability to filter bathrooms only to display based off needs such as accessibility, changerooms, showers etc. Other plans are to expand the application beyond just public bathrooms to include other public services such as, Playgrounds, seating, Drinking water. In order to give a user enough information to plan Going Out.

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