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The Problem.

The age-old method of rattling buckets on the street corner to collect donations is failing to get charities the contributions they need. No-one carries cash any more and people are increasingly time-poor.

While many charities may be painfully aware of the decline in donations, there are too many barriers standing in the way of taking their model online. The technology and cost required to take online payments only eats into this funding gap further. On top of this, engaging people online in the same way that traditional charity campaigns have done, is no small task.

Our Solution.

GoodCents is a web application and mobile app aimed at:

- Making online donations simpler

- Re-engaging people, encouraging them to get involved with charities they care about.

Benefits for users:

  • Find all Registered Charities in one place.

  • Flexibility to donate as much and as often as you want to.

  • Ability to spread the amount you’re able to donate across several causes that are important to you.

  • Smart suggestions of charities you may not have heard of but that match your demographic

  • Easy to find information about what a charity does, where they spend funds raised, fundraising goals and any special campaign events coming up.

  • Customisable notifications of upcoming events and ways to get involved.

  • Dashboard to manage donations, access to collated donation reports with receipts for tax rebate purposes.

  • Ability to share your contributions with friends and family via social media. Encourage others to get involved with custom Facebook Frames for your avatar.


Benefits for charities:

  • Easy sign-up. Charity details are populated via the Charity Register Organisation API. Each charity just needs to authenticate themselves to activate account.

  • Admin dashboard makes updating content, fundraising goals and and other profile information easy. Managing your charity’s page doesn’t require any special technical ability.

  • Collect, view and analyse stats on who is donating to your charity. Maintain a database of your donors’ details.

  • Push notifications for one-off fundraising drives, special campaigns, volunteering opportunities etc.

  • Ability to augment traditional fundraising campaigns by integrating them with the Good Cents experience (QR codes for street collectors etc).

  • Easily integrate with social media platforms. Create customised Facebook Frames using the Good Cents template.


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