Incremental Change

It has been noted that the amount of money directed towards charity has declined for a number of years. Many of the old tools that charities use to fundraise are less effective, such as door knocking. This is  due to the decreased use of physical currency in everyday trade. Furthermore, the use of electronic trade, e.g. eftpos, and paywave is only going to increase.

Meanwhile the use of online personal banking provides an ideal place to offer the opportunity for altruistic financial actions.

We have devised a means for a customer to add small regular donations to their daily lives. For instance, offering the ability to round transactions up to the nearest dollar and donate the difference. This decreases the degree of loss aversion that an individual is likely to feel if a bulk sum is given in a single interaction, but still allows for the growth of large contributions over time.

This new form of charitable giving also allows for a unique means of communication between charity and donor. This allows for maintenance of an ongoing sense of satisfaction to persist with the donor.

Finally this formalizes a means for customers to track and claim their tax rebate offered under the tax code via the IRD online service.


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