Indoor Way

Project description:

The project I want to build is a blue tooth indoor navigation application so passengers that they can find their way easily, transport service bodies can get real time as to how many passengers are heading to a particular destination so that they can dispatch more public transport, and also disabled people can get access to public transport more easily. 


Data story:

Train stations sometimes might be confusing - you can't follow the direction and go to the platform that you want. From my personal story, when I moved down to Sydney from Brisbane a couple years ago, it took me 10 minutes to find my platform at Town Hall station. And I always missed my trains due to this. 

Also, disabled passengers find it hard to get access to public transport, as sometimes they cannot be attended to. 

I want to build a prototype to help passengers to have a better access to train station and transport authorities can provide better service to the public. 

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