Is It Worth It?

Team: Maggie Drop Tables
Project: Is it worth it?


Provide guidance and information to career changers in an ever-changing job market with increasing financial pressures.


Career changers need to know the affordability / ROI  on retraining.


Retraining costs

Earning potential

  1. immediately after graduation
  2. after several years in the industry

The effect of automation on the industry

Effect on job availability of:

  • other graduates entering the industry
  • migrants moving to the city.

people leaving the industry


An decision making tool to help career changers evaluate retraining options based on:

-future trend

earning potential (1,5 and 10 yrs)

-job prospects and number of


Unique Value Proposition

Provide not only likelihood of getting a job and earning potential but also future trends and compensation in Wellington



  • mature student
  • changing career

knows her own strengths and weaknesses.

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Web sites:

Careers NZ



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