Know Your Place

Know Your Place is a web application that aims to help Tasmanian first home buyers in selecting the ideal place to buy their first home. It presents data about a suburb that may be of interest to someone planning to purchase property in a particular area, including socio-economic information, public transport, and nearby amenities. It takes into consideration the purchaser's preferences and creates a suitability index based on those preferences. We have used data sets from ABS, ATO, Census, Metro Tas, and ListData to create a broad snapshot of your chosen suburb.

We have chosen to build this application to help first home buyers, because we were all recently first home buyers and know first hand how difficult and overwhelming the process of buying your first home can be. The Tasmania real estate market is currently very busy and extremely competitive. You often have very little time to make an offer to have any chance of purchasing a house, leaving cautious first home buyers at a distinct disadvantage. Having the suburban information gathered and organised by your preferences is one less thing to worry about during a time when there are so many things to organise and decide on.

We are excited by the potential of Know Your Place to help ease the stresses of purchasing your first home by making the selection process easier.

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Team Kruupy
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ATO Data for GovHack 2017
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LISTData Open Data
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Metro Tasmania
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ABS Website
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Census 2016
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