Licence to Learn

Licence to Learn

Assisting learner drivers and their supervisors

In the A.C.T, any driver with a learner’s license (L Plates) must have a fully licensed driver in the passengers seat supervising their driving.

In order for any learner driver to progress onto their provisional license, they must either complete a log book with a list of competencies or pass a one-off driving test.

We spoke to users about their experience learning to drive and teaching others how to drive. Anxiety, tension, anger were common themes, and not a satisfactory experience for anyone. As a community we want safer roads and more skilled and qualified drivers.

How might we remove some of the risk and anxiety from the learning to drive experience?

How might we instil confidence and skill in our learner drivers and their parents?

How might we train our learner drivers in a way that follows a series of steps that also aligns to the ACT Learner Driver guide?

We need a way to give parents, instructors and learners confidence by identifying a safe environment for practice in low risk, low traffic areas

We need a way provide drivers with a task based curriculum aligned to the ACT Road Rules Handbook, with real-world locations for training and building driver competency

Using datasets from speed cameras, crash data, and traffic density, we created an algorithm that assesses the safety suitability of each area in the ACT for practicing driving skills.

This algorithm allows us to display suitable locations on a map of Canberra for your identified level of competency.

Our application can identify specific tasks in the ACT Road Rules Handbook (eg. like stopping at a stop sign, or traversing a round-about) and prepare a route to complete these tasks within a safe location.

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