Canberra is famous for its dark streets with no street lights at night.  Have you ever walked on a dark street at night with your keys in your hand for self-defence? If you are new to Canberra and how would you know which streets are safer to walk at night?

LightYourWay is a super user-friendly app. To specially mention, this app attracts new comers, women and senior citizens in Canberra to make them feel safe to walk at night. LightYourWay app pulls the open source data (ACT Street Light Data, ACT Crime Statistics, ACT Police Station Locations, and ACT Addressing), analyses and provide the safest path for app users. Users can walk safely with lighter heart as they can rely on LightYourWay app suggested paths.

Our next version of LightYourWay will include the Surveillance Camera locations in Canberra, once 'Safer Suburbs Programme' project is completed. Data available from this open source data program will enable us to add extra layer on the top of current routes.

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