Project Summary:

An app that utilises crowd-sourcing approach for reducing littering by gathering data on types of litter items, their found location, specific brand of litter item, etc. that can be used along side with the available government open data on Pedestrian traffic, Council litter collection schedule, etc. to study community, council and corporate attitude towards littering, trends and patterns of littering habit across community and drivers influencing the littering behaviour.

Problem Statement

Lack of community involvement and awareness due to unavailability of meaningful environmental data


A facebook integrated game application enabling user to get involved in the community initiative in a fun way of playing a game of Bingo. While playing the game users takes a picture of litter item which is then used to collect and record information about the type of litter, its time and location as well as the brand of litter if available using image recognition technology.


Our solution will contribute in bringing the spirit of “Clean-up Australia Day” to our everyday life by engaging the community in data collection as well as providing meaningful insights using the collected data.

In addition to this, the data collected can be widely used with open government data such as Pedestrian traffic and Council furniture and Fixture locations, etc. to understand community behaviour towards littering, associated trends and patterns, assigning corporate responsibility, and identifying socio-economic drivers.


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Australian Statistical Geography Standard
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Open Council Data - Street Furniture
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