Little Play Space

We analysed the datasets to get an overview of the childcare availability and affordability across Sydney and Melbourne. 
This analysis helped us determine key areas that may have a mismatch between supply and demand.

It can be very difficult to be a dual-income working family with both parents working.

Using the data we obtained via our analysis, we created a two-sided marketplace app for helping parents find affordable childcare centres and recreational centres/activities in their area. Our key point of difference is that we introduce is that we built a "gig eonomy" platform to allow qualified child care professionals and potentially retired individuals to be able to reconnect and give back to the society by helping parents look after their kids and derive an income from this as well, to have an economic impact by saving parents on child care costs and introducing better allocation of resources.

Social inclusion is a big problem. The elderly who have been past carers for children personally can now better engage with the community by sharing their time in the gig economy to help take care of children. It takes a village to raise a child, and Little Play Space includes people who would otherwise feel isolated as their family grow and move away.

Social inclusion is also important with new migrants who may be qualified child carers, so you can start a new business at a much lower cost, in the same way Uber driver do. A great economy  as and when you are able to earn, around study or other work commitments.

Rural communities and Far Reach

Child care centres are available in dense urban centres, this is less available in rural areas and has much wider geographic dispersion. With the introduction of the gig economy and Uber-like child carers, new options for child care are available for areas which are traditionally underserved by child care services. Especially due to the need of support in rural areas.


Disrupting the huge burden of child care costs.


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