Hello World! we are team Locally and our product name is locally too. Aldrin Magno is the team leader and an all around developer and the team member is Apple Quinlao, also an all around developer.

What we did is to provide an innovative way of searching for local business. We also feature events where you search and promote small businesses that does not have an online presence.

A lot of features has been put together in this web app. the major features of the web app are;

  • Local Search
    • This feature let you search for local business and tourists spots around the desired area.
    • Sort Business from with the high rating, affordable, with reviews, and newly opened.
  • Road Trip
    • Showcase all of the local establishments along the road.
  • Voice Search
    • Search local business using voice command

Other focus of Locally is promoting local events and markets, establishments or organizations that does not have the capability of having an online presence.

We use docker to host our web app. To develop the web app we used PHP, MariaDB, HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Slim Framework, Mapzen and other technologies.

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