The idea behind the project arose due to the common difficulties faced by new comers visiting / moving to the various regions within New Zealand, it is currently difficult to identify certain important socioeconomic factors which one would like to identify prior to travelling to New Zealand. Online sources currently available do not give a very comprehensive overview of these factors, thus this project was born mainly out of necessity and to provide everyone with an easy overview of these socioeconomic factors.

The project is created to help identifying areas within a particular region like Hawkes bay (but not limited to that region) to provide a geographical overview by making use of various data sets available online. the site once opened gives a bird’s eye view of the region and the user can then use filters to view a colour coded map with a description of what each colour represents or the approximate value each colour is associated with

The potential of the idea is immense and can be expanded to various regions and even the world, the application is designed and compatible to include other data set and can cater to any region if the required data is available

The biggest advantage of the program is that it does not require a lot of information which makes it easier for any authority within any region to collect the data required to generate the results using the Mapster maps.

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