Master Your Census is a fast-paced, addictive and educational game for students to play with the Census, and learn fun new facts about the world around them (while at the same time crushing their competition in a fierce battle of knowledge!). 


The Census! What an amazing and wondrous thing - every 5 years we gather our families to excitedly answer questions about our lives, send it off, hope for an exciting view of the life around us and...

...well, someone looks at it, collates it, and spits it out in tables and PDFs - mountains of data that excites data nerds like us, but unlikely to ever be dived into by the general public. Grabby headlines shout out statistics that will steal your attention away from the interesting things that aren't as sexy, but super fun to know.

We're changing that.

Tapping into the inherent competitiveness of people (especially children!), and focusing on creating an engaging user experience, we've created an innovative new Census quiz game to help people master the facts of the world around them - hence, Master Your Census! 

Players compete by answering questions about the Census, with the ability to localise questions if they wish. Answering questions correctly gives you points and increases your streak, and these streaks will increase your position on the leaderboard - both personally, and on behalf of your school. 

Answer some questions about the world around you! Keep your streak going...awww, you lost! Want to help your school climb higher in the leaderboard? Try again!

There is massive potential for this project above and beyond the prototype we've created for this hackathon:

  • Ability to pull in any datasets to answer questions - crime data, economic data, weather data etc. - opens up a wealth of information that can be explored
  • Dynamic question generation, creating rules where values (such as suburb) are able to be substituted - these will be automatically created and served up as randomised questions for the quiz, creating a much more 
  • Variable length or event based competitions can be run - e.g. around the release of a particular government policy, or around social events
  • The system we've devised can be ported on to mobile, tablet, chatbots - you name it, we can get it done!
  • Multiplayer mode! - either competitive or co-operative - it would turn the quiz into a much more interactive event!
  • Using behavioural psychology, gamification can be ramped up to incorporate achievements, awards, levelling up and more to create a more engaging and compelling experience

Knowledge of the world around us helps us make better decisions about our life, become more productive and understand our community better. We hope that this game can help people better understand the world with the help of the Census.

Please check us out at and try it out for yourself!



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Master Your Census
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Census 2016
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ATO Data for GovHack 2017
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