Melbournians' Pace

Melbournians live in a fast paced world. Persistently connected and always on the move. Growing populations and the rapid pace of change pose a real challenge to city planners and decision makers. Government needs a better way to connect and engage with citizens, whilst developing and managing a bustling city.

With an ever increasing stream of data becoming available for forecasting, analysis and planning activities, the overwhelming volume of this data makes it difficult to absorb and comprehend by traditional means. Our solution is to immerse you in the data; immerse you Melbourne.

Melbournian's Pace is a fully immersive virtual reality app, that allows city planners to step into the shoes of residents and not just visualise data, but virtually experience it. Bringing together datasets from multiple sources, we are able to create views of how pedestrian traffic changes in Melbourne according to the time of day, weather conditions or major events, for example. This innovative way of visualising city data has the potential to provide depth of insight into city needs like never before seen.

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One Big Mess
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Pedestrian Sensor Locations
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Dataset Name
Hourly rainfall - past 7 days (daily cumulative total)
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Melbourne Bike Share stations, with current number of free and used docks (every 15 minutes)
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Traffic Lights (location of traffic signals in Victoria)
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Latest Weather Observations for Melbourne (Olympic Park)
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