Mining Magnate

This is a family game that can be characterised as ethical monopoly for mining and environmental management. Players have an opportunity to learn about the mining industry, mining locations around Australia, money management, business investment, and environmental management.

Players must work toward earning $50,000 by mining in one of Australia’s mining sites.  Each site features a different metal ore or precious stone.  Players have an opportunity to gain income from their mining operations, but each mining operation also incurs fees that must be paid to the government to cover the cost of cleaning up the environmental damage inflicted by players' mining operations. 

In order to win, players can maximise their income and/or decrease the environmental fees they pay by investing their money wisely in either further education, new tools, or new employees.

While we have only been able to create a mockup, a virtual version of this game may be online and/or app-based, and will utilise geographical datasets to identify where in Australia players can mine metal ores and precious stones, and the current costs of those resources.

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The Walker Crew
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Abs Dataset
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