My Digital Concierge

Interfacing with government is an activity that few citizens enjoy.

As departments seek to streamline & digitise services, surprisingly, greater complexity can arise. Citizens often struggle to navigate the labyrinth of services offered by multiple departments across different levels of government.

To look to the future we primarily used ABS data and data from the SA Government Department of Premier and Cabinet.

In 2015 the ABS reported there were 4.3 million Australians living with a disability, many of these people have a need for ongoing support, successfully interacting with the government can have a significant direct impact on their quality of life.

Introducing My Digital Concierge, a service that provides people with a disability with a single point of contact to help them interact with government.

We predict a new profession, The Digital Services Adviser, someone with an existing experience in working with government, these people bring their skills to work directly with citizens to help them interact with government.

These DSAs are kept up to date using a digital dashboard that draws from multiple departmental data sources both state based and national.

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Torange Juice
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ABS: Summary of Disability Findings, 2015
Dataset Name
Disability Unmet Needs Report
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Disability support services provided under the NDA 2013–14
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Report on Government Services
Dataset Name
Locations of Support Services for Carers in South Australia
Dataset Name
SASP Target 25 - Support for people with a disability
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