MyLocal: Reconnecting people with the stories behind every location.

When you walk around town do you ever wonder about the past? Are you curious about what has happened to a place, or the story behind it? There is something powerful about seeing history at familiar locations, i.e. on our daily commute or as a visitor exploring town. Here at MyLocal, we want to tell the stories behind every landmark, local attraction and street in our local neighbourhoods.

Our app engages the user with local sights and enables a stronger audience relationship between residents, museums, local councils and visitors alike. Visitors can choose to explore their city through 3 different interactive modes.

Main Features:

  • Showcase will help highlight the top tourist attractions in town on a map view, utilising HERE Map API.
  • Explore will give you the option to freely explore the city as you choose, and give you alerts when you are nearing a place of interest.
  • Discover will provide you with recommendations based on your top 3 chosen attributes, intelligently driven by our algorithms and AI.

Demo Here:

Proof of concept is available on:

* make sure you share your location and allow push notifications to experience the full app capabilities.

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The Story Behind Our Mission:

New Zealand's tourism industry is growing steadily, with total visitors to Auckland for the year ending Sep 2016: 2,404,704 with an expenditure of $7m based on visitors departing from Auckland for the same period. We believe that our app will not only be able to better engage locals with understanding their city better, but also provide an enhanced exploratory experience for tourists and visitors.

People will become more emotionally attached to their experience in Auckland through the storytelling aspects of our app. Furthermore, in future iterations, we are aiming to incorporate AR to allow users to overlay past media over present locations to allow for a more immersive experience from the past, present and future. We are also considering opening up the ability for users to submit their own stories associated with that location which will be geotagged, and shared with the community - this ensures that each and every unique memory is captured and that future generations will be able to access these valuable stories about our heritage and culture.

Our Vision:

Connecting people with the stories in our cities.

Preserve history and making public collections of heritage more accessible to all.

Encouraging people to see their cities through brand new eyes.

Reimagining our past, present and future.

Our Team:


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