Connecting Communities, Redefining Social. Modern technology has made our “way of life” incredibly interconnected through technology – but while we’re answering emails, “liking” posts on social media and crushing candy at every hour of the day, we find ourselves more isolated than ever before. is about shared experiences – between friends and family, and amongst community. People will find activities, food specials, community events, and any and every interesting attraction and activity to encourage sociability and community cohesion. Far from being yet another site for “young party animals” to find the hottest venue in town, our map will expose day to day restaurant and café offerings, pub and club attractions, community events, town halls, parks, food trucks and much more - to people actively looking for them.

We're compiling data on the locations and contact information for places to go - Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants and Cafés in New South Wales from the NSW OLGR and NSW Food Authority, accessible services in our beautiful National Parks from NPNSW, community halls, sporting facilities and playgrounds from individual LGA's, and support services from private/NFP sector providers - to start. Through the contact these agencies have through MyMaps, we will compile and provide the FIRST comprehensive listing of Local Council- and State-run public amenities. Over time, we will provide analytics to assist Government at all levels to better provision public amenities and services.

Where Facebook ads or Google Adwords provide a blunt and ineffective marketing tool, the MyMaps framework will provide, for the first time, a method for venues to promote their events to audiences specifically looking for those events. It will make access to public amenities easier than ever - a person can find, then book, a community hall. Register your details, pay your booking and public liability fees, then receive a time-limited access code that unlocks the door and turns on the lights. Finding places to go is just the first step.

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