New Seizeland

Greetings comrade! Welcome to the beautiful country of New Seizeland! The uprising is well underway and our fellow comrades are eager to get to work. This land is ripe with resources, ready to be harvested and distributed fairly amongst our people. Ensuring the people are well fed and warm will show the people of this fine nation that prosperity can be achieved through working together for the greater good. Go forth my compatriot, seize the means of production, and build this land into a utopia!


New Seizeland is a web-based, mobile-first game, based around the premise of taking over the production of resources in regions across New Zealand, while ensuring the population remains happy and sufficient resources are being generated. Part idle clicker, part economic simulator, the game is intended to both keep the player coming back, and inform them about where resources are generated in New Zealand.


Statistics on a selection of resources, including coal mining, electricity production and agriculture, have been used as a basis for the game's mechanics. Each of the 15 regions available in the game specialises in specific resources, encouraging the player to explore and discover how locations across the country contribute to the resources we consume every day.


At the same time, the player is encouraged to experiment with the direction they take each region in, giving an essentially infinite number of playability options.


The game has been developed using JavaScript, primarily based around the Ampersand.js framework.

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