This Olde City

This project allows people to virtually explore Launceston, Australia's third oldest city. The recent release of a digital 3 dimensional model of the city centre provides the opportunity to create an immersive experience using the Oculus head-mounted display.

Our application is fully interactive via the use of comfortable lightweight handheld controllers that seamlessly allow movement thru the city. Launceston has one of the best-preserved early cityscapes in Australia with its elegant Colonial and Victorian architecture along with century-old parks. The operator can navigate around the cityscape moving closer to explore buildings and features of interest. Heritage buildings and landmarks are highlighted so those unfamiliar with Launceston can view the buildings blended in situ. Supplementary information and photos are billboarded as an operator approaches a heritage building.

The headset isolates the view to the city which fills the view. This application allows you to immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural heritage with a backdrop of vibrant Georgian streetscapes. The visualisation surrounds the wearer so that they will see the city when they turn, or look down.

This application was developed in Unity 5.6 using the City of Launceston's new 3D mesh model of Launceston's CBD area in AutoDesk FBX format. It operates on the Oculus Rift with interactive controls controlled by the Oculus Touch handsets.


Video URL (YouTube/Vimeo)