Pepperoni Sandwich

Pepperoni Sandwich (Placeholder name) - Uber, but Carpools

Our Motivation

Everyday people are commuting from A to B in their own car, from home, work and many other leisure activities.

Based on data collected by Statistics NZ, “New Zealand’s net greenhouse gas emissions increased 54 percent between 1990 and 2014. Total emissions increased 23 percent.”

Every day the population is growing, with a growing population there’s inherently a growing demand for vehicles to be driven, our aim is to reduce emissions through the introduction a carpooling application for absolutely anyone.

Using NZTA traffic data, real time road works data and NZTA crash data we find optimal routes from each employee address in proximity of each other and to work to reduce travel distance, the amount of cars on the road and ultimately emissions.

Example Use Cases

During clean ups of both Christchurch and Kaikoura Earthquake, the following clean up involved many unexpected and spontaneous road closures, with our application utilizing real time road works data, we can alert users to these changes and create travel routes avoiding them, doubly as a carpooling application it also reduces overall congestion and emissions!

We use NZTA's Public Transport and Hamilton City Council's bus schedule data sets to take into account public transport options for those car pooling together; for example one could have their stop at a public transport service stop which can complete the last leg of a user's travel.

These are only few of the examples which highlight the usefulness of our application..


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