Phantom Reporter

National crime statistics in Australia (ABS) show a rise in sexual assaults, violent behavior and theft along with a lowered rate of reporting. 

Acknowledging that there are various reasons citizens choose not to report criminal acts, the statistical data available to enforcement officials is encumbered by a failure to capture 'invisible crime' due to under reporting. 

What if you could alert authorities of suspicious behavior, levels of safety in certain areas and have a live feed that highlights community concerns in your surrounding neighborhood all while being anonymous?

Team Drop Table's hack looks at crowd sourcing data from the community to alert users of potential safety concerns on a location specific basis. It not only provides easily comprehensible break downs of historical crime data in particular locations, it also has dual purpose for law enforcement agencies, with data feeding into police response procedures and creating a predictive model for clustering 'hashtags' and commitment of offences.

The main tasks of the police are to uncover committed crime and to prevent future crime. To succeed in this, the cooperation of victims is indispensable. The police urge citizens to report crimes because it is necessary in order to maintain police statistics up-to-date and to keep the criminal justice system functioning. Unfortunately, not all victims report crime to the police.

Making community the collaborators


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