Planning for our children's future

A website which gives an interactive map that shows childcare services available, the key factors affecting availability and possible requirements for new childcare centres. The aim is that this will be used by council planning and development teams to help determine where new childcare centres should be built and where the greatest need is.

We are taking data on the number of children in childcare and number of Childcare Benefit approved services in an area based on the Childcare Administrative data, adding to this the number of placements available in the area from the Early Childhood Education and Care Services for Australia data, and comparing to population data for the relevant age groups in the same areas. We are then taking additional data such as average income, working status, etc. and correlating these with the data on childcare services available to find which factors most affect the development of childcare services.


Team name
Caring for our future
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Child Care Administrative Data
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ABS Website
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Early Childhood Education and Care services for Australia
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Census 2016
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