Portonians Re-imaged

The people of Port Adelaide and surrounds have a rich history of sport, culture and society. The Bond Studio Glass Negative Collection is an amazing time capsule that captures hundreds of these characters but for many of them, the details of their stories are lost. The data is imperfect and the images  in the collection are only a tiny proportion of those that were taken by the Bond Studio over the decades of it's existence in Port Adelaide. Can you help to fill in the gaps?

Portonians Re-imaged is a community art history installation that encourages and enables the community to add their knowledge of the images and stories to the online repository to build a bigger and better picture of the images in the collection by updating the meta data and uploading their own collections of images captured by the Bond Studio.

We have also created some filters so users can add a "Bond Studio Grungy Glass Negative Style" to their images. 

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Bond Studio Glass Negative Collection
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