EnergyRace is to help you save your electricity bill with an innovative ranking system,  It can generate your data of electricity consumption with multiple charts and make a race with your neighbors or friends .not only winners with high scores can get rewards from sponsors but also do share their ranking on Facebook to celebrate with their friends.

Our Features 

      1. Manage your electricity plan depended on the charts of past electricity bills.

      2. Ranking your daily electricity usage with your friends and labors.

      3. Help the suitable household to choose solar panel and save their pocket.

Our goals     

     1. Save your electricity bill.

     2. Solve the problem that electricity system is reliance on the coal in Australia.

Team name
Energy Saver
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Datasets used
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Electricity Generation 2015
Dataset Name
Regulated Retail Electricity Tariff Prices (1 July 2000 to 1 July 2014)
Dataset Name
Electricity consumption benchmarks
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