Project NeXT

Project NeXT redefines the way Hard Waste Collection should be within local councils and digitise the whole process from booking to route planning for collection date.

Australia has 547 local councils and each of those council needs to provide Waste Collection facility to their residents. What we found that the way councils manage the collection booking and then work with contractors/drivers is not very efficient. 

We started with Wyndham, Victoria local council data

We found that number of request for hard rubbish collection were growing every year. We also projected the number of collection in future by understanding the patterns from previous years. We used Google BigQuery to analyse the Data via Google DataStudio. Observation charts are available here.

So, we noted couple of important problems which needs to be solved to really transform local councils better manage hard waste collection.

1. A better approach for residents to book a collection with councils

2. Councils find efficient ways to manage and collect the hard waste from resident properties.

Project NeXT solve both of these problems by providing a Facebook chatbot for residents to book the Hard Waste Collection through Facebook Messenger and in the backend provide a great visualisation supported by strong algorithm to create the shortest route for truck drivers to pick-up the hard waste.

Solution Architecture is explained

Project has used Amazon Lex (for Chatbot), Amazon Lambda, Amazon DynamoDb and Amazon S3. Facebook messenger has been integrated with Amazon Lex. Website use Google Maps JavaScript API hosted in Amazon S3.

Amazon Hosted Website for the Collection Team:

Facebook Page Integrated with Chatbot:


Disclaimer: The Facebook Page is under review with Facebook Team and it will be available to interact with Chatbot publicly once it's approved.
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