Project Raven is designed to link community minded volunteers and good samaritans with Search and Rescue.  This app will help Search and Rescue find additional resources to assist in what we see as an increasing common problem particularly with an ageing population.

The idea is that these volunteers have the Raven app on their phones and when someone goes missing in their local area, those volunteers in the same area will get a notification.  They can then join the search.  If one of them locate our missing person, they inform the app and a contact message or number will appear to enable reunification.

Meanwhile back at search headquarters, they can see all the volunteers assisting in the search and identify any gaps in the search area and direct their resources to those areas.

We see this as helping find missing children, dementia or mentally disabled people and of course the equally important 'four legged friends'.

Missing people can be reported through our website https://gate17.tech OR https://gate17.space  by filling in a questionaire which identifies search zones and then notifications are sent out to Raven volunteers.

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Gate 17
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Christchurch Post-Earthquake 0.1m Urban Aerial Photos (24 February 2011)
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NZ Residential Area Polygons (Topo, 1:500k)
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NZ Swamp Polygons (Topo, 1:250k)
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NZ Rapid Polygons (Topo, 1:50k)
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