Project purpose

RUCNavi is a navigation program aiming to improve traffic efficiency and enhance social fairness through RUC features. 


How does it work?

  • It collects road tax based on road usage rather than vehicle registration fee and fuel tax, which electric vehicles do not currently pay for. 
  • Road usage charging prices are dynamically changed on different road sections according to the realtime traffic delay and traffic volume data on the specific road sections; the heavier the road sections are the higher the charges will be.  


Who would benefit from it? 

It would benefit financially disadvantaged residents and the ones who do not drive much.

General road users and local business would benefit from the more efficient urban transport. 


Benefits brought by RUCNavi

• Rather than paying fixed registration fees, drivers pay less for the road tax when they drive less

• Increased accessibility and reduced traffic congestion

• Travelling time saved in general with the traffic efficiency improved on a road network 

• Better environment - less greenhouse gas emission; less air and noise pollution generated from roads

• Transport efficiency improved 

   - as it encourages driving less and smartly with well-informed road network situations, which helps balance traffic in the road network as well as in the time framework.

• Social fairness enhanced 

   - people who drive less do not have to pay the same fees as those who drive more often; 

   - road tax charged according to how much drivers use the road network regardless of how fuel efficient the vehicle engines are (at present hybrid and electric vehicles pay less or no fuel taxes compared with the traditional engine vehicles); 

   - financially disadvantaged residents could afford to drive when necessary trips are required


Future Directions

Car sharing / driverless cars / electric vehicle road taxing can be operated within it.

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VicRoads Transport Open Data API
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