Safe Space

Smart Cities, Smart Cars, Smart Homes and even Smart States, yes this is the technology revolution. 

Yet Smart cars don’t protect from road rage, nor do cities preclude undesirables, and smart homes that do little more than turn devices on or off.  

We have awesome artificial Intelligence that can discover more about our places, life choices and yes ... tax returns, yet it doesn't make you feel safer. 

Criminals are be coming more brazen and sleuth, accessing our homes, sheds... and our privacy.  In a world where technology is everywhere, we struggle to find a place where our family and friends can be safe and free to move around.  People need to look after their own safety and make the right choices. But how do you know who's there if you can't see them, or your focused on other things.

Introducing Safe Space.

Safe Space is your 2nd pair of eyes, always sensing, rain, hail or shine, day or night. It can sense through trees, walls and even around corners and over hills.  We can find them before they get near you and we can track them when they leave, alerting you of their presence.

Based on wifi technology, Safe Space detects unknown devices such as phones, tablets, computers.  In fact anything that has wifi turned on. 

It learns what devices are yours, and sends you an alert if anything unknown is found.  

Safe Space is smart too. It also finds out the device identifier, that can be tracked though existing smart city parks and buildings, alerting others of undesirable access, or assisting the Police.

We want Safe Space to be available to all.  It’s based on cheap and easily accessible products that you can buy off eBay for less than 60 bucks and our code.

Where's your Safe Space?

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Datasets used
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Sunshine Coast Smart WIfi (for commercial and intergration analysis)
Dataset Name
Capital Works Information (For understanding application to Civil work safety)
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Building and Asset Services— work register (QLD Government), for application in commercial building spaces.
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Population Projections, Australia, 2012-2101
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Noosa Population 2011
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