Road accidents is increasing in Australia. Jerome Carslake, Manager, National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) says " What people don’t realize is that around 90 percent of all crashes are due to a minor mistake. It’s just a small mistake such as going even a little over the speed limit. " (

When people pass through accident prone zones, they are informed of the danger with road signs. But what if there were no prior accidents on a road? What if an accident is about to happen? 

Traffic in any location is very dynamic. Through this project we are trying to measure the no.of vehicles passing  a camera location in a specific interval of time.  if this measure is above a particular threshold value for that particular road, it means there is a traffic congestion. And it would notify people on that road to reduce their speed, say from 60 km/hr to 40 km/hr. This information would help to notify people travelling along that road to make better decisions and choose alternative path. 

This information is helpful for Police vehicles and ambulance to avoid traffic blocks and speed their way. 

Every road in Australia could have a dynamic speed limit rather than a static one, which in turn would help in better traffic flow in and around the cities 

For this project we will be using dataset provided by ACT government , which would provide us the camera locations in ACT.  

We have a small applet demonstration of our idea using Java Swing.

Video URL (YouTube/Vimeo)