Scenic Cycle

Scenic Cycle provides Canberrans with a platform to plan leisurely bike routes around the city. The aim is to foster interest in riding beyond commuting and encourage the community to discover more about their local area.

Via a user-friendly web application, users select an approximate travel distance and an optional starting location. The app plots several bike paths that best match the given conditions, favouring those which take them near landmarks and other features of interest.

This project makes use of the following datasets:

  • Google Maps
  • Public Toilets in the ACT
  • Public Barbeques in the ACT
  • Public Furniture in the ACT
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Fenced Dog Parks
  • Fitness Sites
  • ACT Arts Facilities List
  • ACT Public Art List
  • Graffiti Sites

Google Maps provides cycle paths while the ACT government datasets give the locations of significant features to consider when planning a route. These features include where to pause for a break and any public artworks nearby.

Scenic Cycle is built on top of the Elastic Stack. Logstash handles location data ingest, processing and indexing while storage and querying is performed by Elastic Search. Kibana is used for visualisation and data validation.

A demo can be found here:

Direct links to the Kibana Dashboards

Source code:

Video script Google doc:


40KM route

Data Overview, Filtered to Public Art

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Google Maps
Dataset Name
Public Toilets in the ACT
Dataset Name
Public Barbeques in the ACT
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Public Furniture in the ACT
Dataset Name
Drinking Fountains
Dataset Name
Fenced Dog Parks
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Fitness Sites
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ACT Arts Facilities List
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ACT Public Art List
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Graffiti Sites
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