Schools Connect

We believe that there is a lot of inefficiency in NSW public schools in the process of recruiting casual teachers.

The current approach is as follows

- On the day a casual staff is needed, the principal of the school would call up personally a teacher known to her. The known teacher may or may not be available or willing to work that day. In this case the principal would call someone else

- Another method is for the principal to call, a government service, who have a list of casual teachers' contacts. They would in turn call these teachers one by one until they find someone willing to work at that school

The current state as it stands is extremely inefficient and results in a lot of time wastage

Proposed Solution - Schools Connect

We are proposing a solution where an app would be created that would connect the casual teachers looking for work with the schools looking for teachers.

The app would allow a casual teacher to create a profile (validated by DoE) and then create a schedule of her availability. It would also have features like her preference to travel a certain distance, her preferred mode of transport etc. For these preferences we will use a number of existing data sets available to us.

The principal on the other side would also create a profile as a school. They would be able to create vacancies for a given day or days and then look up for all the casual teachers available on those days. There would be filters that would allow the principals to look up the most appropriate teachers. They would then be able to invite a teacher for a role , and once invited the teacher would receive a notification which she can accept or reject.

An app like this would create a real time offer and acceptance marketplace and we believe will bring in a lot of efficiency to school community.


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Schools Connect
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