SciSearch is a web application that guides students to specialised higher education and attracts both international academics and businesses to easily find facilities and equipment in Queensland education centres that allows them to stay on the edge of cutting edge technology. 

In an advancing technological and innovative world where skillsets will become more specialised, SciSearch delivers a tool for students wanting to study and research science, technology, engineering, maths, aviation or medicine, by matching them with the equipment to meet a new level of technical skills and expertise. Businesses are also able to use this tool to pinpoint specific Queensland research centres that have specialised equipment, such as biology laboratories or MRI facilities to conduct research. 

SciSearch has been developed using the Queensland Science Capabilities dataset which has been provided by Science, Information Technology and Innovation within the Queensland Government. This dataset contains information such as centre name, parent university, facilities and major equipment, sectors and location which SciSearch imports specifically relating to the user's search criteria. Results can be refined by research field or equipment.

Universities are encouraged to use SciSearch as a tool to promote themselves as a viable solution to the future workforce, aligning students and busineses to their research facilities and equipment. 

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