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The number of the startups' attempts in Australia is growing every year. Understanding recent and future target markets for planning business and future development is essential. This knowledge amplifies business owners to plan for the best marketing activities; improve their products and services based on understanding of recent and future demand; and reduce the failure risk.

ABS data includes helpful information on suburb demographics such as age, gender, income, marriage status, ethnicity etc. The historical business level data of New Enterprise Incentive Scheme businesses between 1 July 2007 and 31 May 2017 contains business level administrative data and Post-Program Monitoring business level survey data. This dataset can be useful for understanding the best Australian start-ups type and predicting their success.

Our product, Search t+1, allows Start-ups to search their best recent target market and understand the growth of their target market demographics in both space and time. These insights and predictions are displayed in an easy to use, engaging dashboard. “Startups success”, another feature of the product, predicts the chance of success for specific business plan to start. Accurate prediction of the startups' success can help investors to reduce the failure risk.

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ATO Data for GovHack 2017
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Historical New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Business Level Data
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