Simplification of Data visualisation for land sub-division based on location within New Zealand regions (e.g. Wellington region) for:

- existing homeowners;

- people with mortgage;

- property developers;

- potential buyers, etc. 

This solution will solve problems of:

- lack of housing supply;

- inefficient use of residential land.





Housing supply needs to increase so that more people can own a home for the first time.


Simplocation is useful for:

  • Existing homeowners - people with mortgages;
  • Property buyers and developers; and
  • Professionals


For Home owners

Simplocation provides a handup to homeowners to get mortgage free faster and allows potential buyers to access desirable land and own their own home without having to live in a shoebox apartment.


Simplocation allows homeowner to learn about the development potential of their property at a quick glance. With simplocation, no one needs to trawl through pages of the district plan anymore.


With Simplocation, a homeowner simply types in their address and clicks search, and is shown a dashboard of information unique to their land zone.


For Buyers

If you are a buyer, you’re currently restricted to existing homes or subdivisions. Simplocation is a new property market for underutilised land.


With Simplocation, the buyer can search all properties in a specific area to identify which ones can be subdivided; then approach the owner of the property to begin a process that will leave both parties better off.


Background statistics:

Wellington region projection (Stats NZ datasets) for 2017-2038 proves surplus of the new premises needs and market capacity:

Stats NZ analysis results

The only limitation if the physical land utilisation and sub-divisible areas.


With Simplocation, potential buyers and owners with surplus land are able to connect.


Buyers get a home of their own in a good location and owners gets to retire mortgage free.


Additionally, Simplocation is a great platform for professionals such as planners, builders and bankers to market their services to potential clients.


New banking and legal products will help realise the full potential of Simplocation. We are looking for investors to make Simplocation come to life.


Simplocation - more New Zealanders living in their own home.

Team Members

Andrew Sknar, Zac Clark, Reece Bassett, Daniel Cairns, Gabriel Brougham, Waruna Padmasiri, Rayan Amarasekara, Weihong Jiang.

Team picture

Data used

Data sets

Data sets - continued


Figure 1: Solution Architecture Diagram

Solution architecture diagram

The solution consists of 5 main elements:

  1. Row data feed from the open data sources: LINZ, Wellington City Council, Stats NZ;
  2. Conversion and transformation of data for the Load;
  3. SQL storage of the multiple factors data;
  4. Laravel (php. Framework) is used to both: creation of the SQL platform and visualisation linked to Maps; Java scripts developed to support data processing;
  5. Web-Application representing the overlaid data on the Maps.


For the Proof of Concept the data used was restricted to a specific region.

Award Categories

Simplocation is entered in the following categories:

  • Open Government: Simplocation uses data to help people to learn about the development potential of their own property and the District Plan.
  • Citizen Engagement: Simplocation allows citizens to engage with the District Plan in a meaningful way.
  • Data Journalism: Simplocation uses data visualisation tools in an interactive way to make complex District Plan information accessible and understandable.
  • Geospatial location: Simplocation uses HERE location capacilities for scalability, use and API functionality.
  • Re: invention: Simplication transforms delivers a more effective and engaging way of interact the District Plan data.
  • Sustainable New Zealand: Simplocation contributes to Goal 10: Reducing inequality within and amongst countries and Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities by increasing housing supply and making housing more accessible.

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