Small Business Viability

Small Business Viability is a simple and informative app targeted at people thinking about creating their own startup or small business. Creating your very own startup takes an enormous amount of time, energy and resources. Small Business Viability provides you with the relevant data to make sure the startup you create has the best chance of success in the future Australian Economy of 2020.

Users start by filling out some basic details such as the industry of their startup, their location and age. Then, based on the data of 54,000 individuals who started a small business in the New Enterprise Investment Scheme program over the last ten years, the app gives you the success rate of individuals most similar to you. It also provides you with information on how your likelihood of success would change if you were to focus on a different industry, or change to a different state or metropolitan/regional area.

We also provide forecasts of the growth of your industry in 2020. Technological and Sociological change can result in industries rapidly growing or declining, and you can increase your chance of creating a profitable and sustainable startup by focusing on the important industries of the 2020 economy.

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