SmartCommunity - "Mirror Mirror"

We realise that to form a whole picture of your local community, searching and analysing information can be overwhelming and frustrating. 

The smart community is a cloud-based solution that gathers local information from the community from multiple reliable resources such as a government database and other authorised parties. 

For example, Simon's family lives in Devonport, his son is going to apply for a high school this year but he has no idea about the local high schools. He happens to have a local community app, he calls his community assistant called "Mirror Mirror".


Data Description


We used data from the GovData Student Rolls by School 2010-2016, which is a datasets of students. We searched and analysed the student data and find out solutions to solve the issues related to their local community and provided the information like finding how many schools near their living community and provided useful suggestions for parents to choose different type of school for their children.


2013 Census QuickStats about a place 

We reused 2013 Census QuickStats data from Stats NZ. We collected data like Families, Incomes, Quatifications etc, and grouped by different type of regions, which could be easliy integrated to our SmartCommunity to provide much more accurate commnity services.


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