We realise that to search and evacuate homeowners when hard time comes is a very high demanding task. Communication is one of the biggest problems, it could be very frustrating.  

Our application aims for simplifying the communication costs. Open our application, it shows application user, SAR teams' and homeowners' real-time Geo locations on the map. And by clicking each icon, it tells you their situation like what's their task, which homes which SAR team is visiting, people's current task and the possible next task. Thus this app draws a clear map of where people are, what's their situation and what they are doing or going to do. And that information is open to all our app users. We believe it helps to manage deployed teams and allocate them to the future tasks. (Search & Rescue comms, Citizen Engagement)

Homeowners are able to post a short message or send an emergency SOS notice to the back office which describes their situation. In some cases, a short describing the situation helps SAR team prioritise the emergency that it can save more people in a short time. This messaging function builds a channel through the safer and suffer. Under the notification channel, safer and suffer are able to talk straight away once they connected. 

This app has a news channel as well, it helps people be aware what's happening and following the guides which we believe it will help to calm people down.(Open Government, Data Journalism)

Again, we want this mobile app to provide people key information during a disaster, simplifies the communication cost cross SAR teams and cross the safer and suffers.

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