Solar Rated


    Alice Springs has developed a reputation as a national leader in Australian Solar Innovation. With amazing solar assets all over the region, Alice Springs demonstrates how solar is a renewable resource that is revolutionising the way we live.

    In the last 10 years the uptake of solar panels and related assets has grown exponentially. Solar uptake will continue with battery storage technology and an ever-increasing cost advantage over fossil fuels/grid prices.

    Aim / Problem Solving:

    When people purchase or rent houses, there are key meta fields such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and number of carspaces. This is often directly correlated to property value.

    An opportunity exists to provide a simple and concise up-sell of a houses Solar Energy Generating potential. demonstrates a basic model and tool that would:

    • Rates your home on a solar powered home on a scale of 3 to 6 stars.
    • Create and order a sticker and promotional materials for selling/leasing your solar powered property.
    • Encourages people to consider and value Solar when making their next decision to purchase/rent.
    • Add your home to a map of solar friendly properties across Australia.
    • Increase the Saleability of your Home!

    Open Data:

    Two projects/initiatives that we have drawn data from are the and Data from these sources relates specifically to Alice Springs, but the basic data types can be extended and applied to geographical locations across the NT/Australia.

    Opportunities for further development:

    • Live link to Manufacturer Data. ( details results of over 50 manufacturers around the world). Currently data is Alice Springs static. 
    • Live link to Location Solar Data. (e.g.  Currently data is Alice Springs static.
    • Recognised research data relating to rooms/house size/energy usage. (E.g. and other research reports.)
    • Market/business opportunity through pricing of service.
    • Alignment with regulated body/ industry body/accredited standards.
    • Link users to local businesses to assist with assessments (e.g. if assets are over 20 years)

    Current weaknesses:

    • At the moment there is nothing to restrict user to generate full 6 star rating for themselves. (i.e. except existing laws).
    • Production of the stickers would be about $2 each. Need to figure out a way to cover cost/implement a fee.
    • Need some kind of standardised rules across a jurisdiction.
    • Sticker rating design is hacked from existing energy rating design style. Need to investigate copyright or create new IP designs.

    Thanks to these (current) open data sources & initiatives:


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