Sounds Of Then (This Is Australia)

We know what it sounds like where we live... we hear it everyday and we travel in and out of spaces, listening to the world around us. But is there another way to sense and interpret our surroundings?  What may other places sound like?

" I think I hear the sounds of then, And people talking, The scenes recalled, by minute movement, And songs they fall, from the backing tape. That certain texture, that certain smell " ( GANGgajang - Sounds of Then ).

I suggest that we can also hear the world around us through data... in particular hearing the transition of data through spaces, like a movement through a concerto.

This project aims to do that through 2016 Census data, GTFS transit data from VIC and NSW, as well as more a sublime interpretation of Ballarat Council Data.

Building on the work previously done by the DataDrivenDJ - Brian Foo - in particular his piece Two Trains ( which examines income disparity within New York City as expressed through the Subway transport system - this project examines relationships between income disparity, greenness and public facilities via the transition of data through ABS statistical levels in transit routes.

In particular, for Ballarat, how income inequality may relate to access to facilities and environmental factors, such as playgrounds, open space, greenness and recreational areas.  This has been done via the expression of median income, in song, for the stops along bus routes with an ambient overlay of the various attributes that increase, or decrease, in volume, or gain, based upon their proximity to the individual stops.

Whilst time is limited during a GovHack weekend, I can image a raft of data sets that can be used to further enhance this interpretation of our community, such as IRSAD, biodiversity, NDVI indexes, agricultural production...


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ABS 2016 Census Data & Statistical SA Data
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Ballarat Playgrounds
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Ballarat BBQs
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Ballarat Reserves
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Ballarat Trees
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Public Transport Victoria Data - GTFS
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