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Assist recent immigrants to connect with their local community by creating networks through participation in sport.

By assessing immigration data provided via the Australia Bureau of Statistics, Department of Education and Department of Immigration and Border Protection we realised Australia will be home to more than 500,000 new immigrants next year.

Our team considered addressing issues of social inclusion for this growing population. By using the positive social benefits of sport and sporting communities, we felt we could provide new immigrants with an avenue of connecting to other like-minded individuals via an app. The distinguishing aspect of this app is that users are connected based on country of origin and various language proficiency. We know that country of origin and language are strong factors in creating individual cultural identity and with that, new migrants are provided the opportunity to connect with those who share the same or similar cultural identity within the Australian context.

We used data from the ABS "Migration Summary 2015-16" to inform us of the numbers of individuals migrating into Australia in 2015-16. To support our app and those wishing to network with others through sport we also saw the use of the "Sports Grounds In The ACT" data set to provide location information about sporting grounds that could be suggested for use based on user location. 



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Migration Summary 2015-16
Dataset Name
Country Of Origins for Student Enrolments into Australia Jan - Dec 16
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2015-16 Migration Program Report - Department of Immigration and Border Protection
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Sports Grounds In The ACT- A list of the sports and recreation grounds in the ACT.
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