Step Art

Step Art is a way to experience the artistic history of Adelaide in a fun and innovative way. Art installations throughout Adelaide, both in businesses and out, aren't well documented, and have no easy way of exploring them. Step Art would combine a consistent way to discover art both in the analog space, and the digital. On the digital side of things it works as a companion website and app for the artwork, giving details on the artist, the work itself, and its history. It also allows people to go on art trails, and discover nearby places of interest. Simply using your camera will allow the app to recognise the nearby image, and provide context.

Primarily using the Public Art Maps and Trails, Great Buildings, Sights & Public Art API, (Also external research found the Fringe Street Art Explosion dataset - private, but updated annually) we pinpoint current public art installations for inclusion into the website, app, and also an analog display on the footpaths nearby (thanks to the Footpath Network). We've also included historical art installations, and hope to expand to more historical and architectural works utlising the SA History Hub and Monuments dataset.

For the city, we make sure locations fall within the AdelaideFree Wi-Fi Access Point Locations and we use both 3D Model of the City of Adelaide and Historic Photos of Adelaide to provide highly detailed and historically accurate information within both the app and website.

To add engagement to the analog experience, collectible postcards will be available from participating art centric cafes and diners - These will include a good quality image of some of the art, and the information the website/app would have provided on the rear. On the digital side of things, people can accrue badges depending on how much art, as well as what types of art they have seen.

By using consistent imagery throughout our analog displays, we provide people with an easy to understand frame of reference, so people doing even their daily lunch walk, might spot some art they previously missed just looking at their phones.


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Clockwork Torange
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Public Arts Map
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Trails, Great Buildings, Sights & Public Art API
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AdelaideFree Wi-Fi Access Point Locations
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3D Model of the City of Adelaide
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Footpath Network
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SA History Hub
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Historic Photos of Adelaide
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Fringe Street Art Explosion
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