Suburban is a website that helps people choose a suburb for them to call home. Taking data from the ACT government, we visualise data into a digestable and visually appealing manner. 

We used HTML and CSS to develop our website. For graphs in our website, we used the c3.js library to display our data. We also processed data from the CSV files to and parsed it using openCSVReader, an external library of the java api. From this data we accumulated statistics on crime rates, population and also geographic characteristics such as priority school zones and recreational facilities in area.

The ranking index was based on loosely coupled coorelation calculated between population density and no. of crimes committed and was fed into an algorithm that incorporated additional parameters such as the no of high schools listing the area as a prioritized zone and the number of recreational facilities.  

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ACT Population Projections by Suburb (2015 - 2020)
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Territory Plan Land Use Zones_polygon
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Hospitals in the ACT
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Skate Parks
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Public Barbeques in the ACT
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Town And District Playgrounds
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