An application intending to bring people together.  

The purpose of 'Suburbia' is to deliver as much information as possible in such a way that is meaningful to residents in the Brisbane area and perspective newcomers looking to become part of the community.  

The original idea was to give a simple overview of everything anyone might want to know, from data about the community (schools, parks, local businesses) to public events nearby and the public transport routes connecting them.  Data that may interest those considering moving to the area, such as flood maps, air quality and construction were also considerations.  Business owners would be able to use this data to determine the best places to set up their establishment by browsing the local businesses already in the area, the local hotspots and bus stops which may help their clients reach them.  

The sidebar and map would host all of the data, displaying simple to understand statistics on the right and locations of interest pinpointed on the map.   

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Park facilities and assets
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Crime locations 2000-present
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QLD Suburb/Locality Boundaries - PSMA Administrative Boundaries
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Queensland public hospitals
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Brisbane Parks events
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Arts, crafts and culture events
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