Superportal is a faster central portal to search for, recommend, link and export clusters of datasets from all government data portals. Linking datasets to the census quickly and efficiently without having to know where to look for every resource.

Superportal will help save researchers, government employees, and govhackers time collecting information from various sources and combining them.

Screenshot of superportal

Specific Award Selection Criteria:

    Censational Hack

    • The "Proof of concept" shows how points from any data portal record can be joined with Census data.
    • The primary innovation of superportal is being able to spatially join The Census to any data record on the data portal. This is a much more intuitive way for researchers who don't know how to use datapacks, tablebuilder, or abs.stat to engage with the census. This work will be pivotal in making census data available to a wider range of researchers.  
    • Most researchers, let alone the general public, don't have the statistical literacy to conduct these spatial joins. Superportal will pique the interest of more researchers in Australian statistical research and help them contribute to vital national policy debates.
    • Our concept is a fundamental improvement to how visualisations are made. We are making the first step easier. We will have contributed to making every Animation, game, VR, or data visualisation that our users create a bit better because these people can focus on what they do best.
    • The superportal team will be able to submit a formal quote to the Australian Bureau of Statistics to develop this tool through their established small business and urges the bureau to support this development. 

    HaCKAN -

    • Super portal addresses usability issues experienced by researchers using CKAN
    • Super portal ingests metadata from CKAN repositories data.vic and with plans to expand to other CKAN repositories
    • Super portal has a script to import data from GovCMS
    • The superportal team can provide a formal quote on request to contribute this functionality to CKAN or GovCMS projects.

    Open Data Aggregation Pilot - A leading city

    • Superportal solves the problem of research data consumers needing to learn how to join spatial and tabular data from local councils to each other, the census, and other economic indicators 
    • Superportal accesses API
    • The superportal team can provide a formal quote on request to develop this pilot further from their small business.

    Innovative presentation of economic data

    • Superportal joins the Consumer Price Index to all Spatial Data produced at different levels of government.
    • Superportal accesses the Consumer Price Index, a headline economic statistic, from the abs.stat API. 
    • Superportal used the API documentation to do this.
    • Superportal will happily collect 40,000+ bonus points for making Consumer price index attach to every spatial dataset on,, etc. etc. etc. for non specialists
    • The chosen group, analysts, will find Superportal significantly more engaging than previous laborious manual data entry and be able to spend more time with their loved ones. I, for one, think that's pretty engaging.
    • Developing this system and expand it to other economic indicators can quoted from their small business.

    Brimbank/Golden Plains Mashup

    • A featured example dataset shows how any analyst can easily compare the age profile and consumer price index between the communities surrounding Brimbank and golden plains park using Superportal  
    • Superportal also makes analysis between councils significantly easier. 
    • On site training and development of this project is available from their small business.

    GaaP hack (Government as a Platform)

    • Superportal demonstrates an opportunity to improve the accessibility of all government data.
    • Superportal will help drive innovation in open government data.
    • Service design research to improve data portal as a service may be quoted from their small buisness. 

    Innovation Hack

    • Businesses can use superportal to track how well their physical stores influence the economic prosperity of the areas their workers and clients reside.
    • Superportal makes this type of service catchment analysis much easier. It lets smaller businesses also track against corporate social responsibility goals.

    Numbers Hack

    • Superportal makes the numbers more easily available.
    • The number of people superportal can help is a big number
    • Superportal has 40,000 ish datasets in it. All the numbers are there. We like numbers.

    Rethinking Data: Form and content

    • Superportal combines office government data with each other, with the census and with economic indicators. No longer will the lowliest ranked analyst be tasked with the job of collecting and combining this information for weeks. By combining data in the browser we will set it free. Huzzah. 
    • Artists, game developers, video producers will no longer have to figure out how to do anything but bring the data to life. 
    • This seems like a really small change to form but unlocks the bigger changes and allows those that have spent time honing their skills critical analysis rather than technical wrangling.



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